The End of the World

19 Dec

Tomorrow night there will be “End of the World” parties.  Friday night there will be even more.  Unfortunately, this is something that society has embraced.  The idea that “life is short, live it up” has taken over our culture.  It has even crept into Christian culture.  It has inspired individuals to present the Gospel as “Your Best Life Now” and “Everyday a Friday”.  It is a deeply saddening situation, and one that I wish to combat.

December 21, 2012 has become a really big deal.  People will be celebrating, they will be living their lives up to the fullest, and there will be much indulging in sin.  But, there should be no surprise.  This is exactly what I would expect from the world, because they are separated from the truth.  However, my surprise lies in the Christian community.  We should be living every day as if it is the end of the world!  Why?  Because nobody knows the day when Christ will return (Matthew 24:36); and who says that day couldn’t be tomorrow?  For that reason we should be living our lives as if Christ is coming back tomorrow, because he is returning at a time that we don’t expect (Matt 24:44).

It’s almost funny to me how the church has responded to the Mayan calender.  While much of the world has recognized the potential threat, the church has fallen asleep.  We have grown numb to the possibility of the world ending so abruptly.  We have neglected Christ warning in Matthew 24:42, “Therefore, stay awake, for you do not know on what day your Lord is coming.”  Because of this, I want to urge you to wake up!  Do not become lethargic in your walk with Christ.  

Finally, I will leave you with this thought.  If Christ were to come back tonight, would you be satisfied with your last day on earth?  Would you be pleased with how you lived your last 24 hours on earth?  Did you spend that time glorifying God, and celebrating Christ?  These are the questions that we need to answer every day.  We don’t know when Christ is coming back, but we need to be ready.  God bless.

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